Dan from the NE - Emailed

Dan from the NE 1.jpgI want to first off say that I LOVE the moccasins and tell everyone about them at my classes when they ask!  I teach a lot of foraging, herbalism, and survival/primitive skills here in NJ, PA, and NY through www.returntonature.us - an organization that I am working on turning into a nonprofit for outreach, reskilling, and re-localizing.  A big part of my teaching and lecturing is localizing, creating a cottage industry, supporting peoples crafts.
Initially, when I ordered the wrong size I called the number, and it was truly amazing to get A SWEET and nice person to pick up the phone and straighten things out.  It was such a beautiful relief and such a needed thing in the age of automated waiting lines.
I was in the forest the other day and decided that I'd take a few pics of the mocs, and had the vision to share them with you all in case you wanted to use them in your website promotion. I thought it was the perfect setting.

Bethany Fernstrom - Emailed

Bethany_Fernstrom.jpgThank you for making such wonderful boots! I have had my traditional Mukluks for 4 years now and they have traveled many places with me. I live in Wales, Alaska which is on the edge of the world and you can see Russia from here. My boots have kept my feet warm on 40 mile snow machine rides between villages in -30 degree weather and on many bush flights my feet have stayed toasty. They are great to wear in weather from 40 degrees to -60 degrees. I just purchased a pair of Arctic boots for my birthday and I am so excited to use them this winter. Thanks for such a wonderful product! I love my boots!

Jayme Dittmar - Emailed


Thank you for the recent birthday wishes!  I am a mushing patrol ranger with Denali National Park and Preserve and wanted to share our most recent expedition with you.  Please view, and if you feel, share in your social media.  I used your Mukluks on this patrol and they saved my feet after my other boots broke down from the Arctic elements.  Thank you!

Nora R - Emailed

Just received my first pair of Steger Mukluks last week & don't know why I waited so long! I LOVE them. They are so warm & so comfortable in the sub zero temps we have been having on East coast. I am traveling to Alaska next week & am so glad I have my new boots to wear. They are so light they won't take up much weight in my suitcase which is a good thing.  Being unable to see the boots in person before deciding to purchase was one reason I have hesitated in making the purchase, but anyone I have spoke to by telephone has been very helpful & very knowledgeable of the product.
Thank you for your help in making my purchase decision & for making such a wonderful product. I hope to enjoy them for many years to come.

Marcia Anderson - Emailed

I am such a huge fan of Steger mukluks!
We bought numerous pairs of mukluks for our girls when they were little knowing that they would keep their little feet far warmer than other boots. My husband and I both have a pair of
mukluks and my oldest daughter (now in high school) does as well. We LOVE them and can't even begin to say how fabulous they are for keeping your feet at a perfect constant temperature! Very "Goldilocks"...not too hot, not too cold...just right! :-) I know the initial cost of your mukluks and moccasins might scare some people off, but if they knew just how long they last, they are VERY cost effective!
Thank you for your quick reply and for making such wonderful products!

Brooks Clemenson - Emailed


We got our new boots and love them. Took our 9 month old out fishing and had to show off our footwear.

Tilly dorsey - Posted

Tilly Dorsey - Posted.jpg

Tamie Kugler - Emailed

Oh my goodness, these are the very best investment I have ever made. I have only 1regret:
I didn't buy them 3 years ago when I first found them I bought the arctic boots with the ribbon, I get complaints EVERY time I wear them. I wear them everyday. I swear i don't sleep in them. I have become a leggings and dress girl for the entire winter. My feet are NEVER cold so I am always comfortable and the bottoms are the most stable base I have ever had. Very minimal, if any, slipping and sliding. I know of at least 3 other people who have purchased them after seeing mine and they are just as happy.
Next year I would like a pair that isn't rated as cold, so I can wear them in the fall and spring when the weather is warmer.
I will be so sad to see the snow go :(
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

Tamie N. Kugler
W-M Elementary School
Health Services
Watertown, MN

Amy Gossman - Posted


Amy tells how she got lucky:



“They were getting gas at the holiday station. I went over and told them how much I love their mukluks. Ryan Steger was pumping gas & dead lifting bags of solar salt. I gave him some s..t about being a show-off & his wife was laughing. After I finished getting gas, Patti Steger talked to me and offered me mukluks! I was shocked and super happy!”

Moral of the story – watch for the Steger Mukluk RV & say hi:)

Deacon Patrick - Posted


Thank you for the fantastic mukluks. I wish I’d found them years ago. I go barefoot most of 3 seasons, then wear custom moccasins (12 EEEE is hard to fit). your 13XX fit great and have room to spare for more socks and inserts, and possibly even another liner should I be in those lower temps. They are wonderful to run in. My one wish for them is they have lateral traction equal to their front-back traction, so I didn’t need to ruin their ground feel by putting on microspikes for steeper/rocky terrain. With abandon,


Bethany Klemetsrud - Emailed


Day 6-Mukluks I take my mukluks for granted. Every morning, I wake up put on my boots and wear them all day. I wear them to the grocery store, to school, to church, to the bar, to friends house, in short they are the only shoes I wear in the winter. Today though as I took them off at school because my feet were too warm, I realized how grateful I am to have a good pair of warm boots.

My mukluks are one of the best gifts that I have ever received. In a place that gets at least 300 inches of snow annually a good pair of winter boots is a must. I'm thankful for these boots because they are taller than most. That means added warmth and the ability to trek through snow drifts. I'm thankful for their comfort and warmth, which makes wearing them all day not seem like a chore. I'm thankful that living in the UP, wearing boots when you go out or to any social gathering is the usual (in fact not wearing boots gets you chastised for not being smarter then the weather). I'm thankful that these boots allow me to be outside. Being stuck indoors makes me very unhappy.  I'm thankful for the memories that these boots have, exploring the woods, going snowshoeing for the first time, seeing my first sled dog race, sledding at 1:00 am, skidding down main street, and just having silly adventures outside with friends. Shoes are important. They allow us to explore the outdoors. I'm sure once summer emerges (it's weird to think about summer when it feels like -30 F outside), I'll have a post about my chacos. Today though, in this bitterly cold and snowy weather I'm grateful for these mukluks which keep my feet warm and dry.

Amanda Laurent - Emailed

Amanda_Laurent.jpegHave been begging for some of your Mukluks for over a year now. Just got my first pair this am & it snowed here in KC over night!! Couldn't have come at a better time!! Llloooovvvveeee these boots!

Thank you for all your wonderful work,

Darcy Kind - Emailed

This is my second winter with my little muks, and cannot say enough good things about them.  I am a stubborn winter bike commuter and wore my little muks yesterday on my bike ride in to work, and they kept me perfectly warm through the snow and single digit temperatures.  They are great for biking because the soft flexible sole allows me to feel the pedals and gives me traction when I'm not pedaling.  I also wear these boots for my winter field work as a conservation biologist and am never fearful when I head out that my toes are going to be cold.  Having warm feet makes winter so much better.

I also wanted to let you know I love a recent purchase of a Bergens soft shell long jacket.  For my bike commutes I wear it over my long Patagonia down coat and it is a perfect combination for wind and winter cold.  It has been the type of jacket I have been looking for that functions for winter winds as well as looks nice when I'm off the bike walking around.

Mark Henderson - Posted

Mark wrote: "After many years in the woods, the canvas tops on my mukluks are starting to get worn (holes). I never baby my mukluks, and I'm afield in them everyday, from the first cold spell, on to snowshoeing, on to the Spring thaws. I cannot imagine how many woods miles or snowshoeing miles I have in them. These mukluks are tough."

Judy Herzog - Posted

I love my Mukluks. I am living now in Germany. My friends give me a hard time because they think I paid too much for my boots. they are all in Uggs....Who's tooties are freezing? Not mine...and I do not even have to wear socks. I stand by my Mukluks.....100%

Sean Warner - Emailed


BIG fan of your products – I think I own every pair of the arctic boots, and about 6 pairs of mocs/regular boots, 2 sets of the mitts – use them religiously, and now I’ve told my ice fishing partner he is no longer allowed to borrow any of them, so he’ll be placing an order soon too.

Best regards,
Sean M. Warner
Director, International Affairs
United States Freshwater Fishing Federation

New Land 2013 Ellesmere Island Expediton


"Steger Mukluks are the most comfortable winter footwear on the market. They keep you warm and are so lightweight. Steger Mukluks mean comfortable and warm feet in the cold and you can proceed to enjoy your day.

"We absolutely loved our Steger CamuksXtreme! They were totally awesome in the spring thaw's wet and muddy conditions."

"It's really hard to find good polar expedition mittens and Steger Arctic Mitts deliver big time! They are warm, comfortable, and rugged"

– John Huston, Co-Leader of the New Land 2013 Ellesmere Island Expedition. Veteran of the First Unsupported American Expedition to the North Pole. 

Chris Latta Expeditions - Posted

Chris_Latta_Expeditions.jpgYour muks keep my toes nice and cozy on each and every one of my expeditions!

Pam Ivonen Zbacnik - Posted

Pam_Ivonen_Zbacnik.jpgThank you for the fabulous Tracker Moccasins you gave me on the 4th of July! It was such an unexpected surprise, you truly made my day. I have a pair of mukluks that I have owned for 9 years and I love them, I work at a school and they are the only boots that keep my feet warm during recess. I can hardly wait to wear my new moccasins (maybe when the weather cools off a bit). Thank you so much!

The Mickelbergs - Emailed


We are Ely fans ... the entire family!  My husband and I fell in love years ago after a winter camping trip with Wintergreen.  This year, our kids were old enough to dog sled and so over Christmas break we headed to Ely.  I often live-stream WELY when I am need of a good "Ely Fix" ... sometimes it's the menus I need to hear, sometimes the things for sale, often the great music!

Well, this year as WELY broadcast all the great things going on, my Ely-homesickness could take no more.  I booked us at Grand Ely Lodge and booked other wonderful excursions during our stay.  We all felt we were "home".

My 9 year old daughter, Margaret Ann really fell hard for Ely.  The cross country skiing, dog sledding and Wolf Center grabbed her heart and has not let go.  So much so that when her art teacher proposed a "Snow globe" project to have the kids illustrate a snow globe of where they would want to be this winter, she was the only one heading north!

So, you see her favorites ... Zup's (she ate beef jerky all the way home and loved the potato sausage we brought home as well), Steger Mukluks (I was surprised with a pair by my husband) and the Chocolate Moose (which satisfied her picky palate).  Then the wolf howling in the background (we caught a feeding time and it was so cool!)!

Thanks to the town for a really incredible vacation!  We could be your ambassadors for sure!  There are other businesses and people who really made our vacation memorable and so special but the globe was only so big!

You have a special way of sharing your fair city!!

I am the one when you announce the live stream locations ... Sioux Falls, SD

The Mickelbergs

Pret À Pitu - Posted


I love to wear baggy Levi's, paired with a vintage Wrangler jacket in a lichter denim and my beloved Navajo blanket Steger mukluks. Even when it's not so very cold (I live in The Netherlands)...they look really cool (everybody agrees ;-) - x Pret À Pitu

Diane Orville - Posted


Al & Lindsey Johnson

al johnson.jpglyndsey johnson.jpgAl and I could be billionaires if we were given $1 for every person we told about Mukluks and how awesome they are.  Honestly! I had the worst case of frozen toes until I purchased my Mukluks 8 winters ago.  I'll never wear another winter boot again.  We live in the Arctic (Wisconsin) where temps have dipped down in the -20°'s this winter and these little slippers, I mean boots, are the best!  So when we got an email about Steger Mukluk's having a photo contest we figured we'd better enter.  We jumped in the truck and drove out on the lake, snapped a couple photos and entered! (Steger note: see photo gallery for results)

Bruce Mackenzie - Posted


M L Spears - Posted


Erin Thomas - Emailed

Erin_Thomas2.JPGErin_Thomas1.JPGI just wanted to say thank you for my fabulous Arctic Mukluks!  I live in Norway, so they've seen some action, but just recently took them on a week-long camping expedition to northern Sweden!  The temperature dropped to -30° C overnight, but never once did my toes feel the cold!  I had planned on having to wear 2 pairs of socks, but never needed more than one!  They were so light and comfortable, it felt like I was wearing nothing at all!
Often I'll forget to take them off when I get to work and I get many compliments of them.  Ely quality!  Even our group leader on the Sweden trip recognized my "Stegers".
I look forward to wearing them for many years!  And maybe getting another pair or two.   :)

Med vennlig hilsen / Best regards
for Det Norske Veritas AS
Erin Thomas

Allison Baas - Posted

2013 Allison Baas.jpg

Ronnie Weir - Posted


Shannon Koenders - Tweeted


Gregers Gjersoe

Gregers_Gjersoe_2013.jpgNear Sundbyerne, Staden Kobenhavn

Great boots
Hi - I have had the same pair of Steger Mukluks since 1999, and they have even been with me on an expedition across the icecap of Greenland. They still look great!

Amy Sue VanDerWerf


I l.o.v.e. my mukluks. Makes winter so much more enjoyable

Aleathea Anderson - Posted

2013 Aleathea Anderson.jpg

Sherrie Ash - Emailed


I wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with my Steger Mukluks!  I own a pair of traditional Black Mukluks.  Our temperatures in Utah don't usually get down into the negatives, but this year is different. Your mukluks keep my toes so warm.  I wish everyone had them! Thanks for your wonderful product!  Do you make gloves as well with the same awesomeness?

answer  - yes we do "Arcitc Mitts" & thank you for asking.

Rose Kosevich

rose kosevich 2012.jpgI love my Kodiak style Steger Mukluks and how they keep my feet toasty warm in the coldest winter temps (you know how cold it gets here in Minnesota!!). I also own a pair of the Tracker Moccasins. Steger Mukluks are the best! All are locally made here in Ely, Minnesota. Check out their newest item; the CamuksXtreme Camouflage Mukluks - the best waterproof hunting and ice fishing boots in the world

Ramona Abrego - Posted

2012 ramona abrego.jpg

Ellie Larmouth

ellie larmouth.jpgThe "Ely, Minnesnowta" look....for Jeanmarie....the Steger Mukluks are the warmest ever....I have had one pair for over 10 years and was fortunate that Dick forgot I already had one pair and ordered me another for my birthday a couple of years ago.... here they are.... and the jacket is from Wintergreen in Ely, MN....also lasts a lifetime and keeps one very toasty!

Pauli Brandt - Posted

pauli brandt 2012.jpg

Mike Kotwica - Posted

2012 mike kotwica.jpg

Christine Johnson Vogel - Posted

2012 christine johnson vogel.jpg

Stephanie Hammar

2012 stephanie hamar.jpg"So warm and wonderful! I wear them every day. Thanks for  keeping my Alaskan toes toasty! They're the best boots I've had".

Mark A. Robert

2012 mark a. robert says still the best muck on the market i wear mine all year with out socks mostly.jpgsays "still the best muck on the market!!!! I wear mine all year with out socks mostly"

Cori Helget - Posted

2012 cori helget.jpg

Julie Keen Johnnie

"Love your mukluks. Nothing warmer, comfy & good on Alaskan ice than these.  I never slipped & fell. -25 no socks no problem...I own two pair now.  My 1st pair I wore for a decade & then my husband wore them for another 5 yrs with patches & all.  Folks are always complimenting my black fringe style ones & ask where I got them.  I tell Them 1-800-mukluks.  So, a lifetime fan thank you dearly for making my life more comfy:)"

Steven Lee Hammack - Posted

steven lee hammack posted on steger mukluks.jpg

Will Steger

will steger - baffin island expedition 2007.jpg"I have worn Steger Mukluks on all of my Polar and Arctic expeditions for the last 25 years.  My survival is dependent on footwear that I can count on to keep my feet warm and comfortable.  Steger Mukluks are a must for your feet in cold weather."  Will Steger

Dina Clabaugh

dina clabaugh.jpgTHE Steger Mukluks. Not only do they look chic but they are seriously the warmest boots you’ll ever own. (Mike and his boys wear them every year winter camping in February along the border of Minnesota and Canada.) Mukluks paired with my Sweaty Betty Nordic base layers and I’ve got Mikey blushing and smiling from ear to ear. Mmmm…

I would love to get my entire family a pair this year. And naughty me wants a new pair of her own as well. I can’t decide between these and these.

Taken from Dina's blog.

Stephanie La Pointe

Patti Steger & all those @ Steger Mukluks,

I just wanted to send my thanks for the free pair of mukluks I received at Applefest!!  My boyfriend & I decided to give the pair of mukluks I received to my mother for Christmas.  She never buys anything for herself, let alone something as nice as mukluks!:)  That was very generous of you to give a pair to us.  I am from Bayfield, WI, grew up there and am currently attending the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire.  My parents got a pair of mukluks for me when I was in 7th grade for my birthday & Christmas present.  They still fit & wear them to this day.  I wear them as much as I can, everyday walking to class in the snow, deer hunting & dog sledding. When people ask about my boots, I always refer them to Steger Mukluks.  They are amazed at how long I’ve had them & how good a shape they are in.  I am a guide once in a while for a dogsledding company and they have mukluks they lend out to their customers & they love them!  You guys have a great company, great people & a great product.  I will continue to recommend your mukluks!

Thanks again!

Stephanie La Pointe

Note: Received by hand written letter from Stephanie.  Thank you Stephanie

JC Lamers

“I have a pair of Apache moccasins and a pair of tall black expedition muks that I bought in 1988. They have been with me and in use as I've lived in Alaska, Wyoming, Death Valley, and in Ely. I left Ely in 1991 to WA state, and other than refurbushing the soles of the moccasins, and changing the liners of the mukluks, I still use both today. Thanks to Patti and everyone in Ely. I plan on buying another pair of Apache's in the near future.”

Karen Kanters

Oct 12, 2012

Dear Steger Mukluks Co.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to receive a pair of your mukluks at the Applefest  Parade.  My husband embarrassed me by going out in the parade to see if your van had any boots I could try on.  I tried to pull him back, but he wanted to be generous to me.  I wouldn’t have let him buy me them because I would have said the kids needed winter stuff before me.  However,  your company chose to bless my husband with the free boots. Well then I probably embarrassed my husband by screaming, jumping up & down and kissing him.  It made our day, our week and will be one of the highlights of our year!

I received the boots yesterday.  I picked “Terra” and they are beautiful.  My two best friends who were at the parade already own your mukluks, so we can now form a mukluk club.  The purpose will be to show off our boots...oh and probably go out to lunch.

Bless you for blessing me! I will tell everyone I see.

Karen Kanters

Received from Karen, by hand written letter.  Thank You Karen.

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