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How to Tie Your Mukluks

In this short video Will Steger presents step by step instructions on how to tie your mukluks. It is important that you tie your mukluks properly in order to achieve and maintain a proper fit. Step 1. Make only the bow for the "top tie", omit the overhand knot. Note: if the "top tie" laces become too long, simply clip them. Step 2. Pull the laces firmly towards toes, straight through the loops, until you feel the heel pull in. Step 3. Snug and cross the laces. Place a thumb on the crossed laces to hold them in place. Step 4. Pull the loose end of the lace on either side up, then forward towards your toes. Note: Always pull towards the toe until the lace "locks" around the loop, then cross in the front. Step 5. Cross-wrap the laces, first across the front, then the back, repeat if necessary. Note: Laces will stretch at first. Trim excess lacing if desired.