Users of our Mukluks around the world!!

Santa@fitgers - 
	Thank you for all of your help & for warm feet.


	Duluth, MN

Jennifer Dietrich - 
Jennifer Dietrich
Maria Leijerstam - 
	On the 27th December 2013, Maria Leijerstam became the first person in the world to cycle from the edge of the Antarctic continent to the South Pole. She also set the new World Record for the fastest human powered coast to pole traverse, completing her journey in 10 days, 14hrs and 56 minutes.
Maria Leijerstam
Nicole Rom - 
	Love the Arctic mukluks - they were warm for the hike to the Apostle Islands sea caves two weeks ago!
Nicole Rom
Laurel Ipsen - 
	Mukluks at the ice caves in Cornucopia, WI
Laurel Ipsen
Amanda Dykoski - 
	My Arctic Steger Mukluks were great for the hike to the Hegman Lake Pictograghs today!!!
Amanda Dykoski
Mark Danek - 
	Steger Mocs - best post-surf session footwear.  

	Asilomar State Beach, Pacific Grove, California 

	Air temp 51 degrees.  Water temp 54 degrees.

	Wave height 5-6 ft.  Avg Wave period 13 seconds.

Mark Danek
Jackie Yoder Baker - 
	Steger Mukluks from back in the days of running dogs. They are so light and keep your feet so toasty. The house was very warm because the oven was on, but with the foot of these things being moose hide they breathe, and you can wear them all day long comfortably. Go outside and stay warm because your feet won\'t sweat. I Love them...they are worth the many pennies they cost.
Jackie Yoder Baker
Heidi - KMA Kennel - 
	Heidi – KMA Kennel

	We have been feverishly training dogs. The snow is awesome and the temps have been pretty good...other than a four day span of -50F to -55F. We took those days off. The team has 1000 miles on them so far. We are thrilled with where they are at right now. Our first race is December 14-15th, the Alaska Excursions 120 in Willow. It\'s a sprint race of crack ;) Two day heats of about 42 miles each day. The following weekend I\'m running the Solstice 100 in Fairbanks. It\'s a regular mid-distance race, but is just 100 miles. After that I will be doing some long runs (8-16 hours at a time) in preparation for the Copper Basin 300 in January, followed by the Yukon Quest 300 in February and then the grand finale....the Kobuk 440 in April.

	I have some exceptionally happy feet this season! The Mukluks are warm and so comfy to wear! I love that my feet don\'t weight a thousand pounds with the bunny boots I\'m normally constantly wearing this time of year. I also wear them to school! I have a bit of a commute, and at -55F, I dress like I\'m going for a run instead of driving to school. They\'re easy to drive a car in as well. Lol

	Here is a pic I took yesterday from a run I did. I have some other pics I want to send to you too from our training so far. They will each be in their own email as I am not sure how to mail more than one from an iPad.

	Thanks to you and Patti again!

	Happy Trails!!

Heidi - KMA Kennel
Mukluk buyer - 
	came in by plane, left & no one got his name:(
Mukluk buyer
Bridgit Lee - 
	At Lester Park
Bridgit Lee
Laurie Stribling WDIO - 
	Laurie Stribling WDIO

	January 1
	Happy New Year Northland! I\'m ringing in 2014 with some Ely-made boots. So excited to test these puppies out in our cold weather
Laurie Stribling WDIO
Kristen Dobosenski - 
	Kristen Dobosenski - Minnesota Point, Duluth, MN
Kristen Dobosenski
Chloe, Mollie, Sean - 
	Ever since we took our Mukluks on an adventure north of the arctic circle of Norway for two weeks, we knew: Mukluks are the real deal. They’re extremely warm—and as the team calls them: the warmest boots in the world. Steger Mukluks and moccasins are manufactured in Ely, Minnesota, which is right in Mollie’s hometown backyard—so naturally, we support that! We highly recommend these boots to keep you warm wherever your winter adventures may take you!
Chloe, Mollie, Sean
Chris Latta Expeditions - 
	Your muks keep my toes nice and cozy on each and every one of my expeditions!
Chris Latta Expeditions
Chris Gibbs - 
	Posted to our timeline \"Just Sharing\"
Chris Gibbs
Anita Servaas - 
	Submitted photo of friends daughter, Cynthia out with the dog.  Anita Pictures It
Anita Servaas
Micki Agar - 
	Showing off her Trackers
Micki Agar
Andrea Schoenauer Zupancich - 
	Sporting new CamuksXtreme\'s! \"Sexy new boots. Finally my own pair in my size :)\"
Andrea Schoenauer Zupancich
Eleanore Rose - 
	Little to small for her new mukluks!

	St. Louis Park, MN
Eleanore Rose
Marilyn\'s 3 Generations - 

	Madison, Chloe, Kit, Karen & Marilyn hiking the Kawishiwi Falls Trail, Ely, MN
Marilyn's 3 Generations
Robin Vinš - 

	Pulling Tereza Vinšová in the Czech Republic mountains near Milešice at about 900m (3000ft). Mukluks are warm & I cannot imagine winter without them.
Robin Vinš
Wendy Schutz Gustofson - 

	Making like a kid!!
Wendy Schutz Gustofson
Jane with North - 

	Note from Patti Steger - This big beautiful boy\'s name was North. He belonged to and was raised by my boys who are men now with families of their own. He was a puppy in 1985, the offspring of two dogs from Will\'s North Pole team. He was too young to go on that expedition and grew up with the family. I\'m not sure which year this picture was taken (maybe 1992) but it seems quite timeless to me. So I keep using it. The woman in the photo is Jane Dally. She is a beautiful person, inside and out and taught at Outward Bound. She modeled on and off for me in those years.
Jane with North
Jason Zabokrtsky - 
	Ely Outfitting Company and Boundary Waters Guide Service
	\"We lit up the Ely Christmas parade with Christmas lights shining through our ultralight Wenonah kevlar canoe!\"
Jason Zabokrtsky
Julie Jo Larson - 

	Happy feet in Brainerd, MN. Let it snow-we\'re ready for more!
Julie Jo Larson
Santa wears Steger Mukluks!! - 

	Photo by Rich Gee
Santa wears Steger Mukluks!!
Dina Clabaugh - 

	THE Steger Mukluks. Not only do they look chic but they are seriously the warmest boots you’ll ever own. (Mike and his boys wear them every year winter camping in February along the border of Minnesota and Canada.) Mukluks paired with my Sweaty Betty Nordic base layers and I’ve got Mikey blushing and smiling from ear to ear. Mmmm…

	I would love to get my entire family a pair this year. And naughty me wants a new pair of her own as well. I can’t decide between these and these.

	Taken from Dina\'s blog.
Dina Clabaugh
Alcan Kennels - 


	Mukluk Mania! — with Faith Anderson, Bobby Anderson, Bob Anderson,Amanda Ashley Anderson, Steger Mukluks Crew, Marie Gerke, Karen Fritzler, Carol Gerke, Caite Gerke and Randy Gerke.
Alcan Kennels
Bri Rick - 
	Dec  2012

	My friend and I while studying abroad in Norway. Bringing our Steger Mukluks was the best decision ever. On Tuesday we sat and watched one of the most beautiful sun sets (at about 3:15pm) from the Westernmost lighthouse on mainland Norway. Thought you might enjoy this picture!
Bri Rick
Mara johns Egherman - 

	Walking in my new mukluks in snow is like walking barefoot on a sandy beach
Mara johns Egherman
Thomas J Kirby - 

	Arin Islands, Ireland
Thomas J Kirby
Paul Elkins & Alan Gerlach - 
Paul Elkins & Alan Gerlach
Loreen Rachel - 

Loreen Rachel
Cameron Congard - 

	Backcountry Trail Patrol Assoc member
Cameron Congard
Heikki Numi - 
	Location:  Finland


	Heikki posted \"Our furry sammy friends Una on the right & Sesi on the left.\"  Those new Arctic Steger Mukluks are safe!!
Heikki Numi
Kim Knutson - 

	Berlin, Germany
Kim Knutson
Ken Relander - 

	Deerhunting success in CamuksXtremes!!!

	Ken says \"Love my Camuks ! I think they brought me luck. I also think the rest of my hunting party want a pair now !\"
Ken Relander
Mike Mohaupt Sam Slawei - 
	Kite Skiing in North Dakota Prairie 2008
Mike Mohaupt Sam Slawei
Jerry Vanek Veterinarian - 
	In 2007, I joined 29 other dog mushers and snowmachiners in a 768-mile trek across the state of Alaska, from Nenana to Nome, as a member of the 10th Anniversary reenactment of the historic 1925 Serum Run.  Known as the “Race against Death,“ the original Serum Run was a sled dog relay of life-saving diphtheria antitoxin across the frozen wilderness to save the children of the isolated Alaskan village.  The event lives on in history as one of the most heroic, hazardous, and daring feats of man and dog.
Jerry Vanek Veterinarian
Jim Brandenburg - 
	With the lure of birdseed, Photographer Jim Brandenburg is just as amazed as you & I that these Pine Ciskins would feed right out of his hand. Andy Baugnet was behind the equipment to capture the moment.

	\"As a professional photographer I have a lot to contend with when working outside in the winter. Hauling around the cameras and equipment alone can become a hardship. While on assignment for National Geographic photgraphing the white wolves of Ellesmere Island in Arctic Canada, Steger Mukluks were more valuable to my personal comfort and survival than any other part of my gear.  They were ultimately more important to me than my cameras. Being warm and light on my feet made my job so much easier than it would have been with the heavy, not nearly as warm, pac boos I\'d always suffered in.

	My mukluks are as indispensible part of my winter gear here in northern Minnesota as well. The only time I take them off is when I go to bed.\" Jim Brandenburg
Jim Brandenburg
Libby Riddles - 
	First woman musher to win the Idtarod.

	At the Iditarod wearing Arctic Expedition Mukluks

	Photo by musher Jacob Bick
Libby Riddles
Paul Fulton - 
	Date: Jan 2009

	Location: Taken at the Capital Theater in Salt Lake, for the ballet -The Nutcracker. I named it -Mukluks at the Ballet.
Paul Fulton
Arnaud Wilmotte - 
Arnaud Wilmotte
Kylie Betzler - 
	\"I ♥my mukluks\"
Kylie Betzler
Ragnar Minnesota Viking Mascot - 
	is really Joe Juranich from Ely.  His father is John, the creator of Razors Edge Sharpening Systems.  As a promotion they used to sharpen an axe and then shave with it!
Ragnar Minnesota Viking Mascot
Maria Novak - 
	posted \"me & my Mukluks in the center of my labyrinth in the woods in Edinboro, PA
Maria Novak
Nicole Stellon - 
	snow shoeing with her baby tucked in her coat.

	Submitted Nov 2007.
Nicole Stellon
Annika Viren - 
	wearing Steger Mukluks on an Icelandic gelding, Rodi, who is 28.

	Submitted by Kris Viren, Annika\'s aunt, 2008.
Annika Viren
Solveig Viren - 
	wearing Steger Mukluks on an Icelandic horse gelding Ymir.  A cute pair.

	submitted by Kris Viren - Solveig\'s aunt. 2008.
Solveig Viren
Cindy Lottes - 
	says \"I just wanted to let you know that I got the mukluks on Thursday and they are amazing!!!  It was -43C (-60C wind chill)!  I put them on right away and couldn\'t believe how light they really are.  I ran the dogs all over town that afternoon and the boots molded to my feet right away.  My toes were never cold and I didn\'t even have heavy socks on.  We\'ve been under a severe wind chill warning since I only take my mukluks off to sleep!!!
	Anyway thanks again for making suck a wonderful product!  I have already made some fellow mushers around here quite jealous!\"

	Location: Rankin Inlet, Nunavut

	Date: 2008
Cindy Lottes
Bonnie Cooley - 
	posted \"nothing keeps little feet warm like a Steger Mukulks\"!!
Bonnie Cooley
Bonnie Cooley - 
	posted \"Mukluks are great for all winter wonderland adventures, including gnome hunting\"!
Bonnie Cooley
Jill Demars - 
	says \"Steger Mukluks keeping my toesies warm in Bayfield WI!
Jill Demars
Rose Kosevich - 
	wearing the \"Tracker\" Steger Mukluks!
Rose Kosevich
Bert Poffe - 
	on the left wearing Steger Mukluks!
Bert Poffe
Philipp Bergau
Philipp Bergau
Paul Pierce
Paul Pierce
Odin Jorgenson - 
	desplaying the Camuks by Steger Mukluks!!
Odin Jorgenson
Mushers wear Steger Mukluks
Mushers wear Steger Mukluks
Marge Gibson - 
	wearing Traditional Chocolate Steger Mukluks, wearing a beautiful Bald Eagle.

	Photographer: Dawn Brauner
Marge Gibson
Maia Mylin Durgin - 
	with Marley, wearing Arctic w/ribbon Steger Mukluks!
Maia Mylin Durgin
Lisa Suihkonen - 
	sporting her Chocolate Buckskin Steger Mukluks!!
Lisa Suihkonen
Kim Erchul Olson - 
	breaking in Arcitc w/ribbon Steger Mukluks!
Kim Erchul Olson
Rick Kimbrough - 
	wearing Arcitc w/ribbon Steger Mukluks on trips to Alaska!
Rick Kimbrough
Luz Kimbrough - 
	wearing Arctic w/ribbon Steger Mukluks on trips to Alaska!!
Luz Kimbrough
Joseph Frantz - 
	wearing Arctic Steger Mukluks!
Joseph Frantz
Jennifer A Mayer - 
	wearing Arctic Steger Mukluks!
Jennifer A Mayer
Jack & Vicky Christens - 
	Steger Mukluk collection....decisions..decisions!!!
Jack & Vicky Christens
Erika Malo - 
	 caught in front of the Steger Mobile at the Saint Paul Winter Carnival says \"my arctics kept me warm all day\".
Erika Malo
Ed Miller - 
	in Tennessee
Ed Miller
Diane Marie - 
	says  \"steger arctic talls with ribbon and scooby doo pajama pants with long johns underneath. thats how i roll and snowshoe\"!!
Diane Marie
Dave Tornow - 
	wearing Traditional in Chocolate Brown Steger Mukluks.
Dave Tornow
Christopher Wall - 
	wearing the Arctic w/ribbon Steger Mukluks.
Christopher Wall
Carolyn Ocariz - 
	Sporting the Redrock Steger Mukluk.
Carolyn Ocariz
Bert Poffe
Bert Poffe
Amanda Dykoski
Amanda Dykoski
1995 Arctic Expedition - 
	The International Arctic Expedition Team arrives at the North Pole on Earth Day, April 22, 1995.  The team wore Steger Arctic Weathermate Mukluks as they traversed the Arctic Icecap from the multi-year ice off the coast of Russia to the northern coast of Ellesmere in Canada.

	Pictured from left to right; Victor Boyarsky (Russia),  Martin Hignell (Gr. Britain), Will Steger (USA), Takako Takano (Japan),  and Julie Hanson (USA).
1995 Arctic Expedition
Patti Jorgenson - 
	Location: Lost Creek Ranch

	Photographer: Ray of Light Photography

	Patti wrote: \"They are the warmest, most comfortable boots!!! I spend a lot of hours outside in northern Wisconsin and its VERY rare when my toes ever get cold!!!\"
Patti Jorgenson
Even Cowgirls Wear\'em
Even Cowgirls Wear'em
Photo by Philipp Bergau
Photo by Philipp Bergau
Wendy Martin - 
	What some will do to get in the photo gallery!!!
Wendy Martin
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