Krista Maki-Zurn - 
	At the GLH Performance compound

	Downing, WI

	First Place Winner!!!
Krista Maki-Zurn
Lyndsey Johnson - 
	On lake St Croix, the headwaters of the St Croix & Brule Rivers.

	Solon Springs, WI

	Second Place Winner!!
Lyndsey Johnson
Ellen Best - 
	Cohasset, MN

	Third Place Winner!
Ellen Best
Kristi Sandberg & baby boy[to be] Jade - 
	Goldstream Valley

	Fairbanks, Alaska
Kristi Sandberg & baby boy[to be] Jade
Shirley Gniffke - 
	With triplet Nubian kids, 5 days old.

	Redwood Falls, MN
Shirley Gniffke
Evan Flom - 
	Ashland, WI
Evan Flom
Mary Cole - 
	Near Canyonlands

	Moab, UT
Mary Cole
Julia Reimann - 
	Enjoys her seat at Pulpit Rock looking out over the beautiful river valley & Luther College campus at sunset.

	Decorah, IA
Julia Reimann
Lauranne Bailey - 
	And Moonlight Max Alchemical Magician, Chocolate Labradoodle.

	Madison, WI
Lauranne Bailey
Jill Gilderman - 
	Lake Superior

	Duluth, MN
Jill Gilderman
Kevin Eilbeck - 
	Rapid City, SD
Kevin Eilbeck
Niki Roussopoulos Geisler - 
	Entry of her & her bridesmaids, Kelsey Radmilovic, Missy Huppert, Christine Johnson, Nikki (Bride), Tina Geisler, Mary Verdeja.

	St. Croix River Valley

	Stillwater, MN
Niki Roussopoulos Geisler
Kayla Henderson on Tuxedo Suede - 
	Hessel, Michigan
Kayla Henderson on Tuxedo Suede
Masami Iwasaki - 
	Shared the powder snow with Chena & Nenana.

	Niseko, Japan
Masami Iwasaki
Elizabeth Schultz - 
	With a deer shed found in the northwoods of Wisconsin.
Elizabeth Schultz
Lori Leaney - 
	With Sonik on the shores of Lake Erie

	Ontario, Canada
Lori Leaney
Grace Anderson - 
	In a very sacred, special forest in Minnetonka, MN. This forest has a huge burial mound in the center.  This is a place I always went with my mother to offer tobaco, & by myself, when I wanted to quiet my mind & meditate as a child & teenager.  I still use this land for so many reasons, berry picking in the summer time, running around with my daughter, finding feathers, & praying.
Grace Anderson
Ann Fawver - 
	Head over heels in ice ridge along frozen southern shore of Lake Superior.

	Duluth, MN
Ann Fawver
Wendy Gustofson - 
	Duluth, MN
Wendy Gustofson
Amy Wiita - 
	On board the Norderlicht ( a double masted schooner with metal reinforced hull for sailing the Arctic ).  I was perched on the bowsprit above the Greenland Sea between Longyearbyen ( 78° N Lat ) & Moffen Island ( 80° N Lat) while sailing along spitzberben north of Norway.
Amy Wiita
Jessica Stewart - 
	River Falls, WI
Jessica Stewart
Anne Scott - 
	-20°C (-4°F) Northern British Columbia, Canda
Anne Scott
Erin Trisko - 
	Sledding at Glacial Lakes State Park

	Central MN
Erin Trisko
Jessie Lucas - 
	With the always inquisitive Jazzy ( Rhodesian Ridgeback ) at Ousel Falls Trail.

	Big Sky, MT
Jessie Lucas
Bernadette Harrington - 
	Baraboo, WI
Bernadette Harrington
Addie O\'Neil - 
	At the Arctic Circle, Alaska
Addie O'Neil
Audrey Copperwheat - 
	Oriskany, NY
Audrey Copperwheat
Stephanie Lee - 
	Inuit Inukshuk overlooking Hudson Bay
Stephanie Lee
Helen Corlew - 
	Red Willow Bible Camp, ND
Helen Corlew
Judy Herzog - 
	On top of the Zugspitz mountain in the German/Austrian Alps
Judy Herzog
Garrett Conover - 
	Entry of Ffion ready for sauna

	North Woods Ways, Maine
Garrett Conover
Scott Anderson - 
	Entry of Nancy Anderson, Lake Superior shore near mouth of Little Carp River

	Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, MI
Scott Anderson
Emily & Eliza Christenson - 
	Minneapolis, MN
Emily & Eliza Christenson
Jonee Vance - 
	Climbing the rocks

	Gooseberry State Park, MN
Jonee Vance
Joy - 
	Boulder, CO
Cassandra Winter - 
	Wearing \"the best quiet, warm hunting boots!\"

	Lonsdale, MN
Cassandra Winter
Laurie Graham - 
	Aspen, Colorado
Laurie Graham
Ti Weber - 
	Walker, MN
Ti Weber
Mary Jo Scanlan - 
	Dennison, MN
Mary Jo Scanlan
Denise Parker with Aussie & Nicki - 
	Lead, SD
Denise Parker with Aussie & Nicki
Amy VanDer Werf - 
	Superior Hiking Trail on the North Shore of Minnesota.
Amy VanDer Werf
Emily Loker - 
	Ashland, WI
Emily Loker
Laura Johnson - 
Laura Johnson
Sarah Crowley - 
	Alaskan Bride on her wedding day in Vermont 2012.
Sarah Crowley
Olivia Huntington - 
	Athabaskan from Alaska
Olivia Huntington
Rose Kosevich - 
	North Shore of Lake Superior.

	Silver Bay, MN
Rose Kosevich
Linda Newman - 
	Watertown, MN
Linda Newman
Grace Mikul - 
	Entry of April with the chicken Righty ( so named because she survived a coon attack losing only her left eye).  Picture taken in the woods of northern Wisconsin while April was splitting wood.  Righty came scrounging for insects from the wood.
Grace Mikul
Carole Chapman - 
	Says Steger Mukluks make teaching a breeze at St. Clair School.

	Mankato, MN
Carole Chapman
Jane Bates - 
	Roseville, MN
Jane Bates
Katie Jones - 
	Proving that a cartwheel is possible with her Steger Mukluks on top of the cold, blustery Axamer Lizum mountain in the Austrian Alps.
Katie Jones
Jenny Leonelli - 
	At Botanical Gardens, University of Alaska at Fairbanks.
Jenny Leonelli
Amy Scattergood - 
	Entry of Sophie Craig, age 11, taken on the beach at Santa Monica, CA just before launching her kite.
Amy Scattergood
Jason O\'Higgins - 
	Entry of Ainsley O\'Higgins

	St. Charles, IL
Jason O'Higgins
Kristi Holmes - 
	Bayfield, WI
Kristi Holmes
Belva Sutton with Nams - 
	Getting ready for lead dogsled training.

	Fort Wayne, IN
Belva Sutton with Nams
David Wilkinson - 
	Entry of English girls Sam van Gerber & Ffion Harris having a leisurely stroll to the sauna near North Woods Ways, Maine
David Wilkinson
Barbara Cellarius - 
	Dog Handling at the Copper Basin 300

	Glennallen, AK
Barbara Cellarius
Bree Vanden Heuvel - 
	North of Duluth, MN
Bree Vanden Heuvel
Sally Boisvert - 
	With Dog-sweet Gretchen were bridesmaids for an outdoor winter wedding near

	Mentasta Pass, Alaska
Sally Boisvert
Eva Backman - 
	Taken during the calm after a great big huge storm in Finland
Eva Backman
Tricia Riel - 
	In the sauna at Northern Tier High Adventure Base

	Ely, MN
Tricia Riel
Brigitta Schwarze - 
	Chilling out at Ice Castle

	Apple Valley, MN
Brigitta Schwarze
Devan & Chloe Benjamin - 
	Under Luther College Bell

	Decoraah, IA
Devan & Chloe Benjamin
Jessica Ryan with Bobby Jo - 
	St. Paul, MN
Jessica Ryan with Bobby Jo
Yvonne Smieja - 
	Entry of Tresa, Amy, Lee-Ann, Yvonne & Dawn.

	Hackensack, MN
Yvonne Smieja
Glorianne Davis with Nakita & Aussie - 
	Lead, SD
Glorianne Davis with Nakita & Aussie
Jennifer Gasperini - 
	In Steger Mukluks with Carol Wilson, Karing Nial, Kim Dobson, Patti Trebnick.

	Wild River State Park, MN
Jennifer Gasperini
Alice Closmore - 
	Entry of Ellie Reinhardt, Alice Closmore & Paloma Elasua.  While I use my Steger Mukluks regularly in Midwest & NE snows, they are always a fun & durable accent to chily fall days.

	York Harbor, Maine
Alice Closmore
Jennifer Birkinbine - 
	Entry of Randy, Jenny, Max & Ryen Birkinbine with pets Issak & Jagr.

	Woman Lake, Hackensack, MN
Jennifer Birkinbine
Jennifer Nordberg - 
	Along Shingle Creek

	Brooklyn Center, MN
Jennifer Nordberg
Kelly Hedblom & her horse Tessie - 
	Nashwauk, MN
Kelly Hedblom & her horse Tessie
Krisi Jahn - 
	Park City, UT
Krisi Jahn
Audrey Copperwheat - 
	Rome, NY
Audrey Copperwheat
Bonnie Durgin - 
	Becker, MN
Bonnie Durgin
Karen Novak - 
	Dressed for work at Home Depot.

	Foley, MN
Karen Novak
Mara Egherman - 
	Entry of Cora Egherman age 2 & Mara Johns Egherman at Isle\'o Pines, Lake Vermilion
Mara Egherman
Nikki Huertas - 

	Bozeman, Montana
Nikki Huertas
Kerry Wilcox - 
	Entry of Gwen (5), Kerry & Joey (2) Wilcox - annual boot picture with my kids.

	Benson, MN
Kerry Wilcox
Melissa DeNardo - 
	Self portrait taken on the 4 corners land in the southwest where I was literally standing on earth that was connecting 4 different states, UT, CO, AZ & NM, one of my favorite photos.
Melissa DeNardo
Sharon Smith & Splash - 
	Walking a mushing trail

	Williamsburg, Maine
Sharon Smith & Splash
Holly Martin - 
	2010 Iditarod

	Nome, AK
Holly Martin
Judy McFarland - 
	Manitowish Waters, WI
Judy McFarland
Mara Egherman - 
	Entry of Cora Egherman age 2 & Jane Johns at

	Isle\'o Pines, Lake Vermilion
Mara Egherman
Sharon Smith & Splash - 
	House sitting

	Nenana, Alaska
Sharon Smith & Splash
Dena Gray - 
	Bethel, AK
Dena Gray
Rhonda Mersch - 
	Sioux City, IA
Rhonda Mersch
Diane Marie - 
	In \"prized\" Scooby Doo pants.

	Madeline Island, WI
Diane Marie
Hans Erdman - 
	Entry of Ellen Erdman

	Cooke State Park

	Carlton, MN
Hans Erdman
Rahna Johnson (Pierce) - 
	Best slippers I own

	Roseau, MN
Rahna Johnson (Pierce)
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