Al Johnson - 
	Al Johnson Jumping for joy in his Mukluks on lake St. Croix, the headwaters of the St. Croix & Brule Rivers.

	Solon Springs, WI

	First Place Winner!!!
Al Johnson
Tom Fleck - 
	Park Falls, WI

	Second Place Winner!!
Tom Fleck
Evan Flom - 
	Entry of Mackenzie Hogfeldt near

	Copper Harbor, MI

	Third Place Winner!
Evan Flom
Joshua Biles - 
	Canal Park

	Duluth, MN
Joshua Biles
Alan Gerlach - 
	Pawder snowskating in the Mt. Rose Backcountry.

	Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Alan Gerlach
Brad Gniffke - 
	Redwood River

	Redwood Falls, MN
Brad Gniffke
Jay Bouwkamp - 
	Drummond Island, Michigan
Jay Bouwkamp
Justin Maple - 
	Bear Gallery at Pioneer Park

	Fairbanks, AK
Justin Maple
Lou Palmersten - 
	Entry of Kai, Augie & himself in the BWCAW, Minnesota
Lou Palmersten
Bill Marshall - 
	Fourtown Lake in the BWCAW.
Bill Marshall
Joshua Parsons - 
	\"Catching Cold\" Interior Alaska
Joshua Parsons
Richard Gee - 
	Caught Santa resting a bit.
Richard Gee
Bernd Neumann with Gambler - 
	At the cabin, winter 2013.

	Howes Cave, NY
Bernd Neumann with Gambler
Justin Mason - 
	Entry of Jaydyn Mason - 4 years old.

	Cantwell, Alaska near Drashner Lake.
Justin Mason
Brianna Hagens - 
	Entry of Wyatt Hagen (9 months)

	South Range, WI
Brianna Hagens
Kei Iwasaki with Chena - 
	Deciding on next pair.

	Niseko, Japan
Kei Iwasaki with Chena
Ryen Birkinbine - 
	Woman Lake

	Hackensack, MN
Ryen Birkinbine
Mitch Downing - 
	Buffalo, MN
Mitch Downing
Mark Saurer - 
	Park City, UT
Mark Saurer
Robin Vinš - 
	900 m.n.m Milešice, Czech Republic
Robin Vinš
Samuel Weed - 
	Wolco, VT
Samuel Weed
Ron LaClair - 
	Central Michigan
Ron LaClair
Takashi Isaka - 
	Winter Camping

Takashi Isaka
Scott Anderson - 
	On winter bike commute

	Phillips, WI
Scott Anderson
Shawn Johnson - 
	Northeast Iowa
Shawn Johnson
Randy Birkinbine - 
	Fairbanks, AK
Randy Birkinbine
Jesse Bullis - 
	Entry of Alex Palmer at the Xcel Energy Center for the Minnesota Wild home opener on Hackey Day in Minnesota.
Jesse Bullis
Kamy Ide - 
	Entry of Kim V. Murphy & his dog, Marly ( a landseer).

	Herbster, WI
Kamy Ide
Chip Pedersen - 
	Entering BWCAW to winter camp.
Chip Pedersen
Terri Moellers - 
	Entry of Dan Moellers

	Prior Lake, MN
Terri Moellers
John Henderson - 
	Siberia, Russia
John Henderson
Peter Schmitt - 
	Hiking down the mountain after a binding snapped off of my skis.  I was really lucky to have my Steger Mukluks with me!

	In the Austrian Alps near Innsbruck.
Peter Schmitt
Yvonne Smieja - 
	Entry of Gavin

	Hackensack, MN
Yvonne Smieja
Shawn Perkins - 
	South shore of Lake Superior
Shawn Perkins
Tim McFarline - 
	Doing a jig for my wife while checking bear fences at our bee yard.
Tim McFarline
Ian McPherson - 
	South River

	Ontario, Canada
Ian McPherson
Yvonne Smieja - 
	Entry for Reno, Wade & Gavin

	Hackensack, MN
Yvonne Smieja
David Tornow - 
	At the dog sled race

	Crosslake, MN
David Tornow
Jeff Wenz - 
	Bayfield, WI
Jeff Wenz
Eugene Jankowski - 
	Western NY State
Eugene Jankowski
Tobin Dack - 
	Chester Bowl Park

	Duluth, MN
Tobin Dack
Bryan Bolger - 
	Chopping hole in the ice for polar bear plunge.

	Minneapolis, MN
Bryan Bolger
Hans Erdman - 
	Jay Cooke State Park

	Carlton, MN
Hans Erdman
Paul Gallo - 
	Entry Deer camp Upstate NY

	Orchard Park, NY
Paul Gallo
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