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"A Wilderness Vision Coming to Life"

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Detailed Description
Will Steger, the celebrated Polar explorer, is revealed to be a true Renaissance man in the just released book from Moon Press Ink, Minneapolis. In stunning photographs, this hand bound, limited edition shows Steger the artist, architect, designer, master craftsman, educator and friend. It offers a visual tour of Steger's homestead and his stunning environmental learning center now nearly completed after twenty-four years of construction.

The story of Steger's vision made real is depicted through more than one hundred photos by John Ratzloff, Steger's Antarctica journal entries, and accompanying essays by Kevin Kling, Peter Wahlstrom and Caitlin Sullivan. Conceived by Steger while crossing Antarctica by dog sled, it is nestled deep in the wilderness of northern Minnesota, outside Ely. A source of beauty and inspiration, it will provide an astonishing venue for scientists, educators, students, politicians, artists, business groups and environmentally concerned religious leaders; all interested in addressing and solving the pressing issues and opportunities of our day.

Moon Ink's mission is to publish limited editions of artistic merit.

All copies here have been autographed by Will Steger.