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Contact Us: (218) 365-6634

Arctic with Ribbon


Arctic With Ribbon are designed for major expeditions.
These and the Yukon Style are the two favorites of many world-class cold weather explorers.
They have our signature aggressively treaded sole.
'Use Snow-Proof water repellent on leather parts of this style'

Extra Items:
 Snow-Proof Water Repellent - Silicon Based - Available in US only  $13.95
 Snow-Proof Water Repellent - Water Based - Available Everywhere  $13.95

Detailed Description
*Winter boot
*Mens and ladies sizes regular, wide and double wide width
*Weather rating: Extreme wear to colder than -20F - Colder temperatures apply if you choose larger and wider sizes
*Height from floor: Mens - 17, Ladies - 16"
*Material Description: Moosehide, Weather-treated Canvas Upper, Woven Ribbon Trim, 9mm Polypropylene Lined Wool Felt Liner, 9mm Wool Felt Insole, Contour Insole, Rubber Sole
*Moosehide color: Maple - leather shades will vary slightly with dyelots
*Canvas color: Natural
*Recommended Use: From normal to extreme winter activities, such as shoveling the driveway to expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctic regions
*Use Steger Mukluks Snow-Proof water repellent spray on moosehide parts

Depending on size and width, the Arctic style is your best extreme winter boot.