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Arctic Style Mukluks are designed for major expeditions.
These and the Yukon Style are the two favorites of many world-class cold weather explorers.
They have our signature aggressively treaded sole.
'Use Snow-Proof water repellent on leather parts of this style'

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Extra Items:
 Snow-Proof Water Repellent - Silicone Based - Domestic/US sales only  $15.95
 Snow-Proof Water Repellent - Water Based - US and International Sales  $15.95

Detailed Description
*Winter boot
*Men's and ladies' sizes - Regular,wide, and double wide width
*Weather rating: Extreme wear to colder than -40F - Colder temperatures apply if you choose larger and wider sizes
*Height from floor: Men's - 17", Ladies' - 16"
*Material Description: Full Grain Leather, Weather-treated Canvas Upper, 9mm Polypropylene Lined Wool Felt Liner, 9mm Wool Felt Insole, Contour Insole, Rubber Sole
*Leather color: Maple - leather shades will vary slightly with dyelots
*Canvas color: Natural
*Recommended Use: These styles were especially designed with extreme conditions in mind. They are popular and recommended for extended wear in extreme conditions such as: Alaskans, Canadians, Northern Europeans, Ice Fishermen, Snowshoers, Dog Sledders, Expeditioneers, Winter Sports Race Officials, Surveyors, Cold Weather Researchers, South Pole Station Workers, Photographers, Winter Carpenters, Hunters, North Pole Excursioneers, Antarctic Excursioneers, Mountain Climbers Base Camp boots, Long Distance Winter Bicyclists, Winter Horseback Riders.
*Use="">Steger Mukluks Snow-Proof water repellent spray on leather parts

Depending on size and width, the Arctic style is your best extreme winter boot.
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These boots are the absolute best winter boot Ive ever owned! I have been searching for years for a pair of boots that I can wear in the stand and keep my toes warm. I sat in the stand for 8 hours with these bad boys on. Most I ever got with another pair is 2/3 hours. I live in MN so it gets pretty cold. I will be a lifetime buyer of Muk Luks and will always encourage others to buy too! Thank you thank you thank you!
- Sarah, MN
I finally found what Ive been searching for!
I have these and LOVE them. Great for all winter activities - running, walking, snowmobiling, sitting in the pub. Get loads of compliments on them. The only downside to the white colour is they get stained by jeans. I love them though. Worth every penny. Id buy again in a heartbeat though I know people who have had the same pair for YEARS, so I doubt Ill need another pair! If youre debating - do it. Dont hesitate. They make winter so much better!
Worth every penny!
Super warm and comfortable both walking right on snow or using snowshoes. Wish they would work with my cross country skis and alpine skis!
- Cindi Brown, BC
Warmest My Feet Have Ever Been in Winter
I bought my first and only pair almost 43 yrs ago! After all these years the boot can still last but my feet have changed! They are easy to put on, and dont slide on ice, warm in really cold weather- money spent well!
- Diane Gooding, MN
Long lasting - love them
Ive had these boots for 3 years. They are the warmest and most comfortable boots I own. They are not heavy and I can wear them for hours. I have a high in-step and normally wear a size 8.5. I purchased a 10 wide. They are a little big, but allow my feet and toes to move freely so they never get cold. I often wear them without socks and my feet are warm.
- Kristy, MN
Best purchase ever
I discovered these boots while in Yellowknife and bought a pair when I arrived home. They are so incredibly warm. I can run my dog in the snow with them. They are lightweight. Worth every penny.
- Lisa, MI
The warmest boots ever!
These boots are perfect. Ive had mine for years. I love them.
- Miranda, MI
I recommend these to everyone