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Brave Enough Jessie Diggins with Todd Smith

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In Brave Enough, Jessie Diggins reveals the true story of her journey from the American Midwest into sports history. With candid charm and characteristic grit, she connects the dots from her free-spirited upbringing in the woods of Minnesota to racing in the bright spotlights of the Olympics. Going far beyond stories of races and ribbons, she describes the challenges and joys of becoming a serious athlete, learning how to push through and beyond physical and psychological limits and managing the intense pressure of competition at the highest levels. She openly shares her harrowing struggle with bulimia, recounting both the adversity and her healing to bring hope and understanding to others experiencing eating disorders. Between thrilling accounts of moments of triumph, Diggins shows the determination it takes to accomplish dreams- the frustrations and disappointments, the fun and the hard work, and the importance of listening to that small, fierce voice: I can do it. I am brave enough.