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Camuks were designed by Sportsmen.
These are the first boots you‘ll brag about and the last kind you’ll ever need!

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We make the best hunting & ice fishing boots in the world!

*Weather rating: Extreme wear to colder than -40F - Colder temperatures apply if you choose larger and wider sizes
*Foot - rubberized leather foot with a super flexible treaded waterproof rubber sole. Color: Black
*Gaiter Fabric - MossyOak® BreakUp, water resistant Poly Tri-Laminate with PVC lining
*Cord Lock Top - 1/8" Nylon Cord, Acetal/Nylon Pop Cord Lock
*Calf Strap Assembly - 1" black compression molded strap lock buckle (1,000 lb tensile strength); 1" black drab polypropylene webbing (800 lb tensile strength per inch)
*Ankle Strap Assembly - 1" compression molded Delrin strap lock buckle (1,000 lb tensile strength); 1" black drab polypropylene webbing (800 lb tensile strength per inch); 1" black Acetal/Nylon strap keepers (to guide and hold back webbing); 1" black Acetal/Nylon Uni-Loop (on each side to guide webbing)
*Boot Liner - 9mm Polypropylene Lined Wool Felt Liner, with Contour Insole
*Insoles - 9 mm woolfelt insole Recommendations:
*It is recommended to purchase an extra pair of 9 mm woolfelt liners and an extra pair of 9 mm woolfelt insoles to rotate the liners and insoles as needed (i.e. if they get wet).
*It is recommended to wear a medium-weight wool sock

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Very light and flexible. I couldn’t believe how warm they are in -37 celsius weather -50 with the windchill
- Dustin, NU
I bought these in early November and wore them several weekends in northern Wisconsin while deer hunting 1+ miles back in the woods. They were very warm and extremely nice for walking that far!
- Dave H, MN
Lightweight & sooooo comfortable!!
I recently bought these so I wouldnt have to wear out my pair of Traditional mucks when I have to trudge around in deep snow and negative temps working around the yard, trekking up in the mountains, or hiking through the woods in the middle of winter. They have been awesome so far. I only wish the fastening system could be available on other styles.
Excellent deep cold muck around mucks!
Cannot possibly sing enough praises as to the warmth and comfort! The arrived literally the coldest day of the year so far -22F, and I was outside for 6 hours, ice-fishing, and with my hands and feet have never been as comfortable. Even my Sorel Glacier-XT boots and Outdoor Research Alti Mittens cant keep me this roasty-toasty. Absolutely a delight to be out on the ice all day long. BUY THE BEST AND ONLY CRY ONCE.
- John Gunterman, VT
Arrived on the coldest day of the year -22F
I have worn out an original pair of Stegers, basic lower rise purchased in 1997? They lasted that long. Just bought these and am overly impressed. Wore them yesterday to bow hunt. Had to trudge through some though terrain including mud and water. Hosed them off and good to go. Feet stayed warm during the snow and wind on October 12th, 2019 just outside of the Twin Cities, MN. Buy Stegers! They are simply the best.
Best Mukluks Ever!
Many long sits during late season deer hunting almost always turns painful when my feet freeze. I have tried all kinds off “hunting boots” with outrageous claims to keep your feet warm in the nastiest of weather. I end up with frozen toes. I asked myself the question, “how do these men and women stay warm in the far northern reaches of our country?” Mukluks! I ordered the Camuk Extremes and went up a size to leave room for insoles and thick socks. Glad I did. Perfect fit. The extra room added more insulation and thus warmth. My feet no longer get cold. I LOVE these boots. The hike thru the steep and wooded terrain is a breeze because these are extremely light weight, unlike regular bulky hunting boots. I am planning on getting another pair for regular wear. Thank you Steger Mukluks and the friendly crew!
- Parker Purdy, PA
“Finally, warm feet while hunting!”
My wife convinced me 4 years that these would be the best boots I will have ever owned...... Well... She bought them for me and was right! If you enjoy the comfort of wearing slippers and feeling comfortable, imagine the same feeling while sitting in your deer stand. All while being in -10 degree weather I might add. I have put these boots through the tests of walking, stalking and climbing ladder and climber deer stands. Not to mention ice fishing by the way. I have yet to get out of my stand or off the ice due to cold feet. Im that guy who will put myself through the test of sitting 10 hrs in northern Minnesota weather in November. Without these boots I would not make it. The comfort and the true feeling of the earth beneath my feet is like no other boot Ive worn. Thank you Steger! Oh, and my wife!
- Matt S, MN
I wear these boots for hunting and winter field work. The traction is great and Im able to move quietly through the woods. Best of all my feet have never been warmer!
My Favorite Boots!
By far the lightest ,quietest and most comfortable boots Ive ever had. Bought mine 4-5 year ago,giving them to my son and buying another pair. Not the best traction on slippery surfaces but small price to pay for such awesome boots. Great for hunting, ice fishing, really cold winters in MN.
- Troy, MN
best boots ever
The CamuksExtreme have worked very well for snowshowing and Ice Fishing. Lightweight & my feet stay warm all day on the ICE. The only drawback is that the rubber on the sole or tread pattern doesnt provide very good traction in hard pack icy conditions. The comfort and weight savings are fantastic
- Shawn, CO
CamuksXtreme versatility
These have been the best boots I have ever owned. Money well spent!
Excellent boots
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