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Contact Us: (218) 365-6634

Purnell Ladies Classic Base Layer Leggings in Light Grey




Detailed Description
Whoever says base layers cant offer both performance and fashion hasnt met our Base Layer Leggings. We re-thought leggings from the inside out starting with performance by spinning our own blend of fabric for softness, exibility, and warmth. Then we tackled fashion with our wide range of solids and prints worthy enough to be broadcast to the world. So if you hide them under an outer layer or show them off with a long shirt and boots, youll be glad you met these leggings.

Some key features of our Base Layer Leggings:
- High waist provides complete coverage even on the move
- Wicking properties draw moisture away from skin when active
- Breathable jacquard knit allows air flow
- Silicone softened for extra soft feel
- 45% cotton / 50% poly / 5% elastane