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Contact Us: (218) 365-6634

Scout - Chestnut


Scout Moosehide Moccasins are superbly light and comfortable!
Your feet stay temperate in footwear that breathes.
They are comfortably cool in warm weather and cozy warm in cool weather!
'Use Snow-Proof water repellent on leather parts of this style'

Extra Items:
 Snow-Proof Water Repellent - Silicon Based - Available in US only  $13.95
 Snow-Proof Water Repellent - Water Based - Available Everywhere  $13.95

Detailed Description
*Sizes: Men's and ladies sizes no wide
*Weather rating: Above freezing weather conditions
*Material description: Moosehide, Contour Insole, Rubber Sole
*Moosehide color: Chestnut - leather shades will vary slightly with dyelots
*Recommended use: Everyday wear
*Use Steger Mukluks Snow-Proof water repellent spray on moosehide parts