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Scout - Maple

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Scout Moosehide Moccasins are superbly light and comfortable!
Your feet stay temperate in footwear that breathes.
They are comfortably cool in warm weather and cozy warm in cool weather!
'Use Snow-Proof water repellent on leather parts of this style'

Extra Items:
 Snow-Proof Water Repellent  $13.95
 Snow-Proof Water Repellent - Water Based  $13.95

Detailed Description
*Sizes: Men's and ladies sizes no wide
*Weather rating: Above freezing weather conditions
*Material description: Moosehide, Contour Insole, Rubber Sole
*Moosehide color: Maple - leather shades will vary slightly with dyelots
*Recommended use: Everyday wear
*Use Steger Mukluks Snow-Proof water repellent spray on moosehide parts
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I had an accident and broke my big toe about twelve years ago... ever since I found these moccasins by Steger it has changed my whole life. Before I was in pain and couldnt even walk properly... I switched to these mocs and now I walk two miles everyday and am pain free. I wear Steger mukluks in winter and these mocs all the rest of the time. It is like going barefoot but safely remember i broke my toe, so I know about being careful about what one wears to protect the feet I love these mocs and have worn them for the past twelve years... each pair last me several years and the company has been great in helping me resupply this basic necessity of my life. I would recommend them for everyone. They will change your life, in a good way.
- Sandy Lyon, WI
best footware ever