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Traditional Chestnut Mukluks

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Men's Tall Traditional Style Mukluks are simply a great everyday wear mukluks.
These tall mukluks are great in deep snow!
'Use Snow-Proof water repellent on leather parts of this style'

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Extra Items:
 Snow-Proof Water Repellent - Silicone Based - Domestic/US sales only  $15.95
 Snow-Proof Water Repellent - Water Based - US and International Sales  $15.95

Detailed Description
*Winter boot
*Mens sizes only - regular and wide width
*Weather rating: Everyday wear to -30F - Colder temperatures apply if you choose larger and wider sizes
*Height from floor: 17
*Material Description: Full Grain Leather, 18oz. Water Repellent Canvas Upper, 9mm Polypropylene Lined Wool Felt Liner, 9 mm Woolfelt Insole, Contour Insole, Rubber Sole
*Leather color: Chestnut - leather shades will vary slightly with dyelots
*Canvas color: Black
*Recommended Use: Normal winter everyday wear
*Use Steger Mukluks Snow-Proof water repellent spray on leather parts
*To make trying on easier, fold down canvas to liner
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I cant say enough about how incredibly comfortable and warm these mukluks are. My feet are always freezing in the winter, but WOW, not anymore. We got our first snow storm of the season and I got to run around in the snow with my husky mix and my feet were almost too hot! One of the best purchases Ive made!
- Bryan, PA
Absolutely amazing
These have been my winter go-to boots for a couple years now, and not only are they comfortable and easy to get around in, but they are well-made and keep my feet warm in extreme temps. Lots of compliments get thrown my way when Im out and about. I just wonder if I can get a percentage for all the people Ive given Stegers web info to...
Bloody marvelous!
I bought this boot a few years ago. I use them primarily for snowshoeing in CO. These things are like walking barefoot, but with warm feet. I love them. Fit in snowshoes and my micro spikes as well. If you like warm comfortable feet, then these are the boots for you. The one thing I DO NOT like about Steger, is that they dont sell a couple of the Indian print ones in mens sizes. Other than that Steger makes great products and I highly recommend them and their mittens and socks, too.
- Bill Epps, NE
warmest boot ever!
These are hands down the best winter boots Ive ever owned. Ive worn them on long snowmachine trips in Alaska when it is 20 below. Most important is that they breath well. My feet dont get cold and clammy as they do in rubber bottomed sorels. Even in full use I rarely pull the liners to dry overnight. They are easy to slip on for a trip to the wood shed but also snug down well for snowier pursuits. I cut firewood in them. The best.
The best in Alaska
WARM, Extremely Comfortable,WARM Great Protection from the Elements,WARM,Stylish,I get a lot of comments,WARM,Easy on the feet,WARM,Can use with Snowshoes,WARM,For cold outdoor activities these boots are hard to beat! WARM, My friends are impressed how comfortable I am in these Mukluks when winter camping! WARM no noticeable foot fatigue after a day outside WARM Did I mention they are WARM Nothing ruins a day like cold feet These Mukluks will take care of that problem I wear these boots for walking in the woods, snowblowing my driveway Outdoor festivals and anything outside when the temperature drops! only issue is going up steep mountain terrain . Am going to order a pair of ARTICs to solve that little problem I wear Steger MUKLUKS in cold weather and am so much more comfortable since I have worn them If you are thinking about buying a pair you will not be disappointed and your feet will Thank-you
- William Giovannelli, PA
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